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Get More Mortgage Leads

10 Ways To Get More Mortgage Leads From Your Listing

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Congratulations, if you’ve published a listing at Mortgage Adviser Directory, you’re already on your way to connecting with more mortgage customers.

Follow these top tips to optimize your listing and maximise your mortgage leads:

1. Provide as much information as possible about your business and services

No one likes to see a blank listing.  The more you share with your potential customers, the more likely they are to contact you.  Ensure your business description is unique (don’t copy and paste from your website), as search engines will penalise duplicate content.

2. Keep your opening hours up-to-date

It’s a much better experience for your customers if they can contact you while you’re open and available to handle their enquiries.

3. Add interesting and professional images

Visitors are four times more likely to click on a listing with an image than one without.  We recommend no more than 10 images (including your logo) to make sure your listing loads quickly.  A minimum of four images is recommended to ensure the slideshow loads correctly.

4. Add a YouTube video to your listing

Videos are one of the most popular media formats on the web.  According to research by cognitive search and insight company Attivio, video attracts 300% more traffic to a website,  doubles the amount of time visitors spend there, and increases website page views by 63%.

5. Boost your ranking with real customer reviews and ratings

Reviews are the most important feature of our directory for your potential customers and, for that reason, the businesses with the highest ratings appear first in the directory and will naturally be visited more often.  When you receive a review, you can also reply to it.  This shows that you care about your customers and value their feedback.  Ask your customers to leave a review after their mortgage has been offered.  You could also add a link to your website or email signature, or use one of our badges below.

6. Add special offers and promo codes to your listing

If you offer a free consultation or have a special offer your potential customers can benefit from, make sure you shout about it by adding it to your listing.  This will encourage potential customers to visit your website and choose you for their mortgage.

7. Add your Google Analytics User ID to your listing

If you use Google Analytics, this will give you valuable insights about how our visitors found your listing, which you may be able to use to your advantage.

8. Ask your customers how they found you

You may already ask your customers how they found you, if so, add Mortgage Adviser Directory to the options to accurately track the success of your listing.  They may opt to visit your website directly rather than use the lead form on your listing.

9. Share your listing on your social media pages

If your customers follow your social media pages, sharing your listing adds credibility to you and your business and is a great way to ask them to rate and review you.

10. Spread the word about Mortgage Adviser Directory

By adding our badges to your website and email signatures and following our Social Media Pages, it will add credibility to your business, and will also help to improve the awareness and search engine optimisation of ours.  The more successful our website is, the more targeted leads you’ll naturally receive from your listing.  If you do add one of our badges, you may want to hyperlink the badge directly to your listing.