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Mortgage Adviser in Glasgow

Looking for a Mortgage Adviser in Glasgow?

As Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow is a lively and exciting city. The thriving economy and lively cultural scene make it a popular place to live but it also benefits from good education settings and plenty of job opportunities for young professionals.

Showing its contemporary credentials, the city has plans to become one of the most sustainable in Europe and has a far lower cost of living than other parts of the UK.

Cost of living isn’t the only thing that’s lower in Glasgow, the price point of property is also much more amenable than other parts of the country, making it an appealing place for homeowners and investors alike. That’s not to say there isn’t growth in the property market here, as the prices continue to rise. With an average property price sitting at £200,276, this is a great city to make an investment in.

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About the Glasgow Property Market

Why buy property in Glasgow?

Like most major cities, rental properties tend to be expensive which makes home ownership more appealing to many, not to mention the returns you can make on properties in Glasgow.

With that in mind, the demand for rental properties is still booming, as there are many that cannot afford to make the move on to the property ladder, making Glasgow an ideal location if you are looking for a buy-to-let (BTL) property.

If you're considering buying a property in Glasgow, here are some reasons why it could be a smart investment:

BTL potential– With a large student population and a strong demand for rental properties, especially from young professionals, Glasgow is a popular market for buy-to-let investors. The average rental yield in Glasgow is around 8.1% making it a lucrative investment.

Cultural attractions– Known for its trendy art and music scene, Glasgow is home to plenty of renowned museums, galleries, and live music venues that cement its status as a cultural hub. It also hosts numerous festivals and events through the year that make it an exciting place to live.

Excellent transport links– Glasgow has a well-connected transport system, including buses, trains, and a subway system. Glasgow International Airport is also easily accessible, making it convenient for both domestic and international travel.

Mortgage Advisers in Glasgow

Getting on to the property ladder in Glasgow is known to be particularly challenging, especially for first-time buyers, who are often expected to stump up large deposits. Using a mortgage adviser to help you with your purchase is recommended as they are best placed to advise you throughout the purchasing process. Another advantage is that they may have exclusive offers with lenders that aren’t widely available.
Glasgow mortgage advisers will also be able to help you with paperwork to speed up applications, as well as analyse all costs and features of the mortgage, not just the interest rate. Ultimately, property purchasing is not without stresses and by using a mortgage adviser that has a strong knowledge of both the property market and London itself, will help make the process smoother for you.

Living in Glasgow

Glasgow is a city that appeals to many thanks to its wide ranging variety of amenities and attractions, from hip cafes and bars to beautiful green spaces and historic landmarks.

When it comes to shopping, Glasgow’s West End is particularly popular, with its great array of shops. The city centre offers a range of shopping options, including the famous Buchanan Street. There is also several large shopping centres, including the Buchanan Galleries and the St. Enoch Centre. There’s not much you can’t find when shopping in this Scottish city!

Of course, safety will play a big part in any decisions to move to an area. You’ll be pleased to know that Glasgow is a safe city, and in terms of crime rate, there has been a decline in recent years by as much as 47% since 2006. While there are still some areas of the city that have higher crime rates, the city has several initiatives in place to combat this, including community policing and neighbourhood watch programs.

Finally, when it comes to green spaces, Glasgow has some beautiful parks and gardens with Kelvingrove Park and Glasgow Green being two of the most popular options. The city is also home to a number of smaller parks and gardens, including the Botanic Gardens and Queens Park making in an ideal location for those that like to walk and explore in their spare time.

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